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This visit on your facilities enabled me to discover your jewel of company. I was sincerely impressed by the level of visible and obvious quality of the operations. I suspect that your passion is there for much... I discussed with my team the possibilities of collaboration with you and it was receipt with enthusiasm...…

ED, Ph.D, Vice-President Operations
Pharmaceutical Cie
Montreal, Canada.

» Summa Quality in Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Sterigen inc. is a contract manufacturer of sterile pharmaceuticals, located in Upton, Quebec. Our facilities include state-of-the-art equipment; rigorously controlled environments; segregated rooms for the preparation, manufacture, filling, and packaging of pharmaceuticals; and a total quality assurance program to guarantee full compliance with Health Canada standards.

Our commitment and ability to meet and exceed customer requirements is achived by controlling all elements in the production chain: air and water quality, calibration and compliance testing of all machinery and process, drug manufacturing, labeling, and professional engineers, chemist/microbiologist, competent technicians, and well-trained production operators.

Our engineering and research efforts generally involve the development of new and/or improved processes and packaging solutions to better meet customer requirements or to comply with new operating standards. In the current fiscal year, our research efforts have focussed on developing enhanced sterile clean rooms and have continued from 2005. Our ultimate goals are to develop enhanced sterile facilities in conjunction with improved protocols and new decontamination/sterilization procedures which will allow for extended sterile packaging of injectable aseptic liquid medications over several weeks. This far exceeds standard practice in which facilities are tipically washed down every seven days. Higher productivity and lower packaging costs will be possible if we can demonstrate our capability to maintain sterile conditions beyond the typical seven-day production cycle.

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve efficiency and productivity, our research efforts have also focused on automating packaging procedures. In the current year, we are investigating the development of an automated digital-based vision inspection system to verify that the bottled drugs are labeled properly.